Artist Statement

A memory is just made up of neurons floating around. If you can weight them down with objects, as paperweights, you’ve got a chance of saving the memory, using it, and yes, probably enhancing it.


The sculptures I create at C-Clamp Studios combine selected found objects carrying their own talismatic history with new, skillfully constructed elements like drawers, boxes, and dioramas. The latter are generally made of fine woods using classic furniture-building techniques such as hand-cut dovetails, veneer, and inlay.

I delight in the challenge of combining—with archival methods—very disparate materials to express each piece’s theme. I do not subscribe to the hot-glue-gun school of construction.

The title (always written on, or nailed to, the piece and available to the viewer) is intended as an entry point only; a suggestion of one possible direction. It is then up to each viewer to actively participate in a process of free association and personal memory as they enjoy the art.